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Open Call for Consultancy services on Conflict Sensitivity Strategy Development Process

June 2024

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Consultancy Open Call:

Prishtina Institute for Political Studies (PIPS), in collaboration with PeaceNexus Foundation, is engaging in an internal strengthening process through a conflict-sensitive strategy development process. With a commitment to advancing social cohesion and nurturing the growth of open-minded and democratic leadership, PIPS is determined to align its strategic direction with the evolving political landscape of Kosovo.

To achieve this, PIPS wants to engage in a participatory process and is seeking a consultant or team of consultants that can provide facilitation, analytical, and write-up support on the following work strands:

Work strand 1: Context analysis

Work strand 2: Strategy development

If you are interested in this assignment, please send your application via email at no later than the 1st of July, 2024. Your application package should include an outline if you are applying for one work strand or both and contain:

CV (maximum 4 pages and indicating 2 references/previous clients that can comment on your ability to accompany strategy development and conflict sensitivity
Expression of interest outlining your understanding of the assignment, the skills you bring to it, and your proposed methodology and related time-frame. In case you are applying as a team of consultants your methodological offer should also clarify how you will divide the work.
Financial proposal comprising detailed quotation for the assignment, showing working days and expected fee, availability as well as travel costs from a place of residence to Prishtina and back.


April 2024

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The Prishtina Institute for Political Studies has published the Monitoring Report: Energy Strategy of the Republic of Kosovo 2022-2031, for the period 2023. The report was made within the project 'Increasing public accountability in the process of European integration', in cooperation with the FOL Movement, supported by the MATRA program, which is financed by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kosovo. The monitored measures are the measures taken from the Kosovo Energy Strategy for the period 2022 and 2023. The report aims to evaluate achievements and identify challenges during the years 2022 and 2023 of the implementation of the strategy.

Institutional Structure and Other Preconditions for Kosovo's accession in the EU

December 2023

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The Prishtina Institute for Political Studies publishes the next report, in line with the MATRA project from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, as co-implementer of the project with the FOL Movement.

This report discusses Kosovo's Institutional Preparedness for joining the European Union (EU), following the EU's new enlargement methodology. It provides context on Kosovo's relations with the EU, highlights achievements in implementing the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA), and explores the requirements for accession negotiations under the new methodology. The analysis outlines the potential impact of progress in thematic areas during negotiations, obligations for Kosovo, positive outcomes, and potential negative consequences.

Parandalimi dhe luftimi i korrupsionit përmes përmirësimit të sistemit të llogaridhënies, profesionalizmit dhe pavarësisë së sistemit të drejtësisë

Nëntor 2023

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Dokumenti i përgatitur nga grupi i Shkollës Politike (Gjenerata e 21-të) nënvizon një sfidë të vazhdueshme brenda sistemit gjyqësor dhe prokurorial të Kosovës, duke theksuar në mënyrë specifike mangësitë që mund ti ketë procesi i vlerësimit të performancës për gjyqtarët dhe prokurorët.

Për të adresuar këto çështje, dokumenti përshkruan objektivat për të përmirësuar cilësinë e punës midis gjyqtarëve dhe prokurorëve, duke promovuar transparencën, llogaridhënien dhe profesionalizmin.


November 2023

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The Municipal Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (PKVEE) for the Municipality of Suhareka describes a strategic roadmap for improving energy efficiency within the municipality from 2024 to 2026.

This plan includes initiatives and measures aimed at reducing energy consumption, promoting sustainability and implementing practices that benefit the environment and the local community. The plan also includes areas such as energy conservation, CO2 reduction in the municipality, adoption of renewable energy and infrastructure improvements to achieve more efficient use of energy in the municipality of Suhareka.

Metodologjia e implementimit dhe raportimit lidhur me Planin Komunal të Veprimit për Efiçiencë të Energjisë (PKVEE)

Tetor 2023

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Metodologjia për implementimin dhe raportimin lidhur me zbatimin e Planit Komunal të Veprimit për Efiçiencë të Energjisë shërben si një vegël e vlefshme për komunat që duan të hartojnë dhe zbatojnë planet e tyre.

Qëllimi i kësaj metodologjie është t'u ndihmojë autoriteteve lokale të Komunës së Suharekës në përgatitjen dhe zbatimin e Planit Komunal të Veprimit për Efiçiencë të Energjisë, e që mund të shërbej si një përvojë e vlefshme edhe për komunat e tjera.

Ky program financohet nga Bashkimi Evropian dhe zbatohet nga Akademia e Studimeve Politike, Insitituti i Prishtinës për Studime Politike dhe partnerët e tyre. Pikëpamjet e shprehura në këtë publikim janë përgjegjësi vetëm e autorëve dhe në asnjë mënyrë nuk mund të konsiderohet se pasqyrojnë pikëpamjet e Bashkimit Evropian

Integration of Kosovo in the EU - RESULTS OF THE NATIONAL SURVEY 2023

October 2023

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Integration of Kosovo in the European Union: Perceptions of Kosovar Citizens is the next publication of PIPS, in cooperation with Lëvizja FOL, and with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kosovo.

The results of this research/survey sheds light on the perceptions of Kosovar citizens on a number of dimensions of the integration process in the EU. The survey offers interesting findings related to the impressions of Kosovars about the future of their state, the preconceived notion of the EU as an opportunity to improve institutions and the quality of daily life, as a 'promised future', the exact distance of which has not become completely clear.

The research was organized in 38 municipalities of Kosovo with 1200 respondents, of which 800 Albanians, 200 Serbs and 200 other minorities.

Annual Review of Kosovo's Foreign Policy (2022)

August 2023

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The Annual Review of Kosovo's Foreign Policy (2022) is the 4th report produced by PIPS over the years, which aims to analyze the achievements and obstacles of Kosovo's foreign policy.

This report describes the key points of Kosovo's foreign policy in 2022. The report aims to provide a description of the most significant achievements and obstacles that Kosovo's institutions and leadership have encountered in advancing the country's strategic interests and foreign relations.

*It is worth noting that the report and data were collected only during the calendar year of 2022*