Academic Program

Date: 01.08.2016

Each year, a new generation consisting of 30 selected participants, attend seminars taking place both in Kosova and abroad. The academic program begins in the January and ends in the December of the current year.
Three day seminars are a combination of four modules during the year, lectures in Prishtina and essays that are asked to work individually or in groups. Later on they are published online in PIPS site or by organizing a conference with stakeholders. Eleventh generations of the School of Politics have transform this initiative by making one of the sustainable civil society initiative in Kosovo by further improving in order to maintain the mission of educating political leaders, community or business ones. In the end of the program the participants award a certificate, one from School of Politics and another from World Forum for Democracy.

Among national modules organized in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia during the year several lectures held in Prishtina called “PIPS forum” in the closed format, without media presence and the confidence between the guest and audience. Guest lecturers are usually politicians, academics, journalists and civil society activists from Kosovo and abroad that are expected to speak about daily politics and issues as fulfillment of academic topics that usually are discussed in National modules (See the rubric: Lecturers).