Date: 01.08.2016



Leonora KRYEZIU is Founder and Executive Director of Prishtina Institute for Political Studies. She has completed Linguistic studies and studies of English Language and Literature at Prishtina University. She has been working since 1995, initially as a teaching assistant at the Prishtina University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Philological Faculty, English Language Department and since 2003 she has been teaching at the Philosophic Faculty, in the Department of Political Sciences. She has been an active member of civil society from the late 1990’s, different local and international organizations serving as board member, guest speaker, facilitator and in other capacities. Previously, Kryeziu worked for USAID, International Crisis Group (ICG), European Center for Minority Issues (ECMI), from where she started the School of Politics together with a group of civil society activists. Since 2003, she is the Executive Director of PIPS and board member of European Association of the School for Political Studies of Council of Europe based in Strasbourg.



Butrint BERISHA is a Project Coordinator and has been engaged with Prishtina Institute for Political Studies since May 2014. He finished his BA Studies in Political Science, at University of Prishtina, and he holds a MA degree from Stockholm University, also conducting an exchange semester at University of Strathclyde, Scotland. His main focus is international politics. Butrint holds an interest for literature, likes running and is a life-long Arsenal FC fan.



Alisa HASANI has received her Master’s Degree at the University of Iowa, USA. Her field of study includes public policy and comparative policy. She is particularly focused on statistical analyses. Alisa joined PIPS team in 2012. During her MA years in USA, she worked as a graduate assistant at the Iowa State University, where she conducted researches on veteran policies. Since June 2016, she’s been Project Coordinator for the project on the SAA at the Prishtina Institute for Political Studies. Among various extracurricular activities she’s also taken part at the Harvard Model United Nations at Harvard University.



Endrit BYTYQI joined Prishtina Institute for Political Studies in July 2015, while currently he is engaged as an External Consultant. He has finished BA Studies in Political Science, University of Prishtina. currently he is finishing his MA studies at Lund University in Sweden. Formerly, Endrit has been part of Kosovar Center for Security Studies as a Research Intern, and, also, part of the informal group ‘’Voice of Voiceless”, financed by National Democratic Institute-NDI. His work focus is on improving the governance at the local level in Kosovo and also on the field of youth employment. His main interests are related to development issues and public policies. He has participated in numerous of activities in Kosovo and abroad, most notably: ‘’The Third Hague Peace Conference 2015” organized by the Hague University, Vienna Model of European Union 2014, Brussels Opens Doors 2015- Study Visit and World Forum for Democracy.



Artan ÇOLLAKU is a School of Politics alumnus and PIPS External Consultant. He mainly supports PIPS in project development and research. He has completed MA studies in European Studies at the University of Leuven (KUL), in Belgium, and Bachelor in Political Science at the University of Prishtina. Çollaku has a long experience, mainly focused in the area of European integration and with public policies.


Bardh Ajeti is currently a second year student in the University of Prishtina in the department of Political Science. In the past he has worked voluntarily with organizations such as Youth Iniative for Human Rights(YIHR) for matters such as the missing persons during the last war in Kosovo, he was also part of the debate team with YIHR. During high school education he was active in Prishtina’s Student Council and is currentl a local coordinator for European Students for Liberty-Kosovo. His interests are political philosophy, photography, creative writing and sports mostly football.