Date: 01.08.2016



Leonora Kryeziu is founder and Executive Director of Prishtina Institute for Political Studies. She finished her BA studies on linguistics and English Literature and Language. Since 1995 she has been engaged in education process, through teaching in University of Prishtina, firsly in Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Philology and since 2003 in Philosophic Faculty, Department of Political Science. She has been involved in CSo organizations for over a decade, firstly in USAID, International Group for Crisis(ICG), European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI). Since 2003, she is Executive Director of PIPS and member of European Association of Schools for Political Studies, under Council of Europe.



Lulzim Syla is the head of PIPS board, since 2014. He is an established entrepreneur and works in Ellen company as Managing Partner, which is a company specialized in the field of electro-energy. Besides Ellen commitments, Syla is a consultant to several private companies in Kosovo. He completed BA studies in Economics at the University of Prishtina, Department Management & Technology and is certified as a trainer in Strategic Management from the Institute WiFi Austria. Hehas also been business coach for various private projects and the European Commission. He is co-founder of German-Kosovar Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Committee on energy within OEGJK’s. In the framework of its commitments and functions, he has contributed to the development of “Innovation Strategy 2013-2020”, “Development Strategy of Pre-University Education in Kosovo 2007 – 2017”, “Enterprise Strategy for Small and Medium Enterprises by MTI in 2012 -2016 “etc. It is also co-founder of the Association for Renewable Energy – Sherk in Kosovo.  He has deep knowledge on the field of business, industry and contributes in many segments in terms of economic growth is.



Pëllumb Kelmendi is a PhD candidate in Brown University, USA, Department of Political Science. He has finished BA studies in University of Chicago in 2007 and in 2008 earned his MA degree in Cambridge University, Great Britain. He has worked as a researcher in research centre CIBAM in Cambridge University and as an assistant in University of Prishtina, Department of Political Science. His research fields focus on ethnic conflicts, political parties and economic policies in state-building. His works have been supported by a number of eminent institutitions such as: Chicago University( Hermon Dunlap Smith Scholarship), Cambridge University (Shell Centenary Scholarship), PostGraduate Program (GPD) from Brown University, Watson Institute for International Studies, Regional Program for Scientific Research (RRPP) in Western Balkans, Foundation for Open Society and Smith Richardson Foundation in USA.



Gjyljeta Mushkolaj is a Professor and Acting Dean of the Law Faculty at the University of Prishtina, and the Head of the Chair for Constitutional and Administrative Law. She received numerous awards for her contribution in human rights, including the Price for Justice by the Ministry of Justice and “Woman Pioneer in Justice” by the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates. She was a Judge of the first generation of judges of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo. Prior to her appointment to the Constitutional Court, she was a member of the Constitutional Commission of the Republic of Kosovo, a body of historical importance for drafting the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, member of the Group for the establishment the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, decentralization expert to the Kosovo Negotiation Team, and member of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo Joint Advisory Council for Legislative Matters. Ms. Mushkolaj is also active in civic affairs, serving in numerous boards and committees, and is a founding member of the American University in Kosovo Foundation. Ms. Mushkolaj completed her law studies at the University of Prishtina. She completed her graduate studies (LL.M.) at the CEU/State University of New York. Her second master and doctoral studies in the field of Constitutional Law she completed at the University of Prishtina.



Shqipe Breznica holds Master of Arts (MA) in Journalism and Communication from Kosovo Institute for Journalism and Communication in Prishtna. Shqipe’s education also includes: Professional Development Diploma in An Integrated Approach to Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, London, UK; Political Management from the Bulgarian School of Politics and New Bulgarian University in Sofia, Bulgaria; European integration processes from European Integration School in Prishtina; Peace Building and Conflict Transformation from the School for International training, Vermont, USA; Political Studies from Prishtina School of Political Studies in Prishtina and Strasbourg, France and Pitman Qualification – Business and Finance from Kensington and Chelsea College, London, UK. Shqipe possesses over ten years experience in design and implementation of human capacity building programs with the focus on management, leadership, advocacy, human rights and so on; is highly effective at recognizing program problem areas and generating solutions and excellent oral and written communication skills including report writing. Since April 2015 she is a Program Coordinator at Help- Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. Before that Shqipe was professionally engaged at the Hope Fellowships Program of the National Albanian American Council since 2002 as Program Officer in Women’s and Youth Leadership Projects. She has also been involved as Local Project Consultant at the British Council Kosovo; Programme Assistant for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; freelance consultant and so on. Shqipe lived in United Kingdom for ten years, and worked in multi-cultural and diverse environments during most of her life, exposed to colleagues and friends from different backgrounds and cultures. Given her extensive exposure to diverse cultures and backgrounds, she learned to adapt to and understand the challenges of these situations and come to enjoy them.



Adri Nurellari  graduated from the University College of London, UK, where he is currently a PhD candidate. He holds an MA Degree from University of Cambridge and London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Currently he works as a Advisor to Minister of Foreign Affiars of Kosovo. Adri is one of the founders and director of the Albanian Liberal Institute. He is a liberal activist, with a strong voice in the media, advocating free market ideas and individual freedom. His general research interests are on: Party system and political parties; International Relations and Conflict Resolution; Civil Society and International Development; Campaigning, Political Communication and Media Politics; Political Economy and Public Policies.


Ramadan Ilazi  served as a Deputy Minister of Ministry of European Integration of the Republic of Kosovo. He has worked closely with NGO organizations in Kosovo, founding  and serving as Executive Director in a number of them. Ilazi has also continuously worked with international organizations as a consultant. His main fields of interest include peace and conflict studies and international relations. He finished his MA studies at University of Saint Andrews. Currently he is doing his PhD in University of Dublin.