Date: 01.08.2016

Mission and Vision

The Mission of PIPS is to contribute to the quality of the political process in Kosova through formal and non-formal education of young leaders, by motivating them to engage actively in the process of transition, consolidation and strengthening the democratic values. To accomplish its mission, the vision of PIPS encourages the creation of new democratic culture by promotion political dialogue and social through cooperation among the leaders.
Mission – building new democratic culture and promote the dialogue of cooperation among the leaders.
Vision – is to contribute on quality of political process by educating new leaders and encourage them to participate in public sphere.


Based on the mission and vision, PIPS encourages the creation of sustainable community of youngsters and motivated leaders, by utilizing new ways of thinking and new approaches to politics. In addition PIPS seeks to encourage members of this newly-created community to implement the knowledge and experience gained from the program to promote its values in social contexts in which they operate, as well as to make them part of their personal behavior as future leaders.
In order to achieve objectives, Prishtina Institute for Political Studies is commited to:
Increase leading capacities in Kosovo
Intensify communication and cooperation among the socio-politial actors in Kosovo and region