Foundation and History

Date: 01.08.2016

Prishtina Institute for Political Studies has been founded in 2004. Since the beginning, PIPS provides political education to aspiring political activists’ and leaders, networking within Kosovo and  regional leaders and by focusing on research and publishing of policy analysis. In recent years, PIPS has developed a series of programs and projects among which the most prominent one is the School of Politics program. Moreover, Prishtina Institute has cooperated with many NGOs in Kosovo to advocate the promotion of human rights, democratization of the country, fight against corruption and for more transparency.

Beyond Kosovo, PIPS has cooperated with School’s  of Political studies from the region such Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, BeH, Bulgaria and Serbia in common regional and European projects by discussing on the EU integration topics, regional dialogue, democracy and so on (Check out rubrics: School of Politics and Projects)

In past ten years, Prishtina Institute and School of Politics have organizes many conferences and workshops with local, regional and international partners. (Check out the rubric of publications)