Date: 01.08.2016

World Forum for Democracy (former Summer University for Democracy) in one of important activity of Schools for Political Studies which brings together annually in Strasburg several hundred young public sector leaders to debate, exchange views about and seek responses to the challenges of our times. Organized by Council of Europe, in 2006, with the aim of raising the program’s profile and promoting networking among participants of 16 Schools, World Forum for Democracy has been merged into a major joint activity.

Prishtina School of Politics has been so far represented in this activity by around 200 participants who so far have participated in seven SUD editions while involved in discussions on: democracy, power, social cohesion, social inclusion, political elites, new Europe, Arab spring and so on. Discussions take off into debate on the nature of possible balance between economic development of the state in the context of globalization and the preservation of the welfare state.

Unlike other years, last year, 1000 participants from the Schools for Politics participated on the first Strasbourg World Forum for Democracy, where they had over 8 hours of debate, several dozen encounters, more than 200 experts from around the globe. The aim of this first Forum was to allow discussion and exchanges of experiences between politicians, global leaders and members of the civil society to identify possible answers to challenges arising in today’s societies.